Level-5 Privacy Policy
for Apple Arcade

LEVEL-5 Inc. (“Level-5” or “we”) has established this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) to indicate its policy on the processing of personal data provided by customers (“Customers” or “you”) who use our game “LAYTON’S MYSTERY JOURNEY: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy” available on Apple Arcade (“Game”).

1.Personal Data Collected from Customers
We may collect the following personal data from Customers:
  • ●Gameplay Data

    When you play the Game, the Game collects information about your progress and achievements in the Game (“Gameplay Data”). Such Gameplay Data is not stored by us and is stored on Apple services such as iCloud for game saves and Game Center for achievements.

  • ●Your name and email addresses

    If you choose to contact our customer support, we will collect your personal data to respond to your inquiries and requests for support.

Except as described above, we do not collect or store your personal data (including your device data, IP address, and any installed apps associated with you, etc.) in relation to the Game.
2.Purposes of personal data Utilization
We will appropriately handle any personal data we collect for the purposes set out below.
  • ●To respond to inquiries and requests for support from Customers
3.Legal Grounds for Lawful Processing of Personal Data of Customers
We will use personal data only when relevant laws or regulations allow us to do so.
We will ensure that we have legal ground and obey it lawfully when we process personal data.
4.Sharing Personal Data
We may share personal data of Customers with the following third parties for the purposes stipulated in this Privacy Policy:
  • ●Customer support service contractors with which we have conclude an outsource agreement
The sharing of personal data provided above includes (subject to change due to business circumstances) the transfer of Customers’ personal data to Japan, which is outside the EU/EEA regions.
5.Retention Period of Personal Data
We will retain Customers’ personal data for the necessary period required to achieve the aforementioned purposes or for any period specified by applicable laws and Apple’s regulations.
6.Legal Rights of Customers
Customers have the following rights in relation to their personal data (so long as certain conditions are met):
  • ●the right to request access to their personal data;
  • ●the right to request correction of their personal data;
  • ●the right to request deletion of their personal data;
  • ●the right to object to any inappropriate processing of their personal data;
  • ●the right to request restriction on processing of their personal data;
  • ●the right to request the portability of their personal data; and
  • ●the right to withdraw their consent for us to process their personal data.
If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please contact our legal representative or us via the contact information set forth in Article 7 of this Privacy Policy.
7.Contact Information
For questions regarding this Privacy Policy, or for inquiries or requests regarding the rights of Customers stipulated in Article 6 of this Privacy Policy, please contact us set out below.
8.Children’s Personal Data
We may collect personal data from Customers under the age of 13 in the same way as for other Customers as described in this Privacy Policy. If you are a parent and wish to have your child’s personal data deleted, please contact us as set forth in Article 7 of this Privacy Policy.
We will strive to take all appropriate security measures in processing information in order  to protect your personal data.
10.Updates to this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy will be updated as necessary. The latest version can be viewable on our website.

Prepared on September 3rd, 2021.