This game depicts the world one year after the events of "Professor Layton and the Unwound Future".The story takes place in Steam Bison, America.There, the power of highly advanced steam engines has ushered in a new world, greatly surpassing even London's technological development.Due to a mysterious incident in Steam Bison, a new adventure for Professor Layton and Luke begins.


  • Professor Layton

    Hershel Layton,
    Professor of Archeology at Gressenheller University.
    On the side, as an authority on riddles, he has worked with Luke to unravel mysteries all around the world.
    Since Luke has left for America, he has been acting on his own.

  • Luke

    Luke Triton,
    Professor Layton's self-proclaimed first apprentice.
    Due to family reasons, he is living in the United States.
    His love of riddles remains unchanged, and thanks to his innate creativity, he keeps solving everyday mysteries around town. He has gained some popularity as "Detective Luke".


Puzzles by QuizKnock
QuizKnock is a media that Takuji Izawa runs with the concept of a combination of entertainment and knowledge.
With the concept of "Fun in Learning," QuizKnock provides daily articles and videos that trigger "learning" about something.
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